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This page is for listing of things I think are great and want to share with you. I use and like all of the products and resources here and feel comfortable, pleased, if you did to. Some may be affiliates (which means if you buy it, I get a few cents), but my integrity is still there, regardless. I don’t post anything on this page I don’t feel strongly about.


Why Not Bike There – maps, cue sheets and more for cyclist on the move.


Live Fit for Life

This is my 9 week, online, weight management, health improvement, habit modification system.


Live Fit is not a quick weight loss program – instead it focuses on changing the behaviors that is keeping you from being the fittest, healthiest person you can be.

We use baby steps and gradual habit change to weave better lifestyle habits into your life without drastic changes that give out after time.

We don’t want you to feel deprived. You won’t starve. Eat a wide variety of whole natural foods and exercise with the efficiency and effectiveness to make you the fit person you want, without interfering with you life. No expensive gym memberships needed.


Dr Will Bar

Dr Will is a genius. He has created a bar that not only travels well but tastes GREAT, is super good for you, plus it does an amazing job of staving off hunger for an hour or two.

These bars are packed full of healthy fats: nuts and seeds; and dried fruit. Best of all, whether you are in the middle of an activity or sitting at your desk, the Dr Will Bar will give you sustained energy WITHOUT that sugar crash that is often associated with eating other bars and high carb snacks.

Dr Will Bar
LCU | Dr Will Bar

Save 10% on your next order by entering the coupon code “LIVEFIT” and you will save 10% on your order.

My whole family loves these bars. I also find them to be a perfect recovery food after a hard workout or bike race. It’s easy on the stomach and satisfies me for a few hours until my next meal.
The Dr Will Bar is also perfect for a mini meal. Take them on business trips, on the plane, keep some in your car, purse, wherever. Hold off hunger till you can get a healthy meal.